*G-Frost*   *G-Frost* Special Coolant


*G-Frost* is a special coolant for all welding and cutting units. Unlike conventional tap water our coolants don’t leave residues or incrustations in the cooling circuits even after extended use. So an uniform dissipation of heat from critical areas of the welding or cutting torch is always ensured. As there are no aggressive components, * G-Frost * protect the torch, hose package, pump and cooler. Electrolytic corrosion is reduced by extremly low electrical conductivity less than 10µS/cm.

*G-Frost*-Checker   Frost-protection checker


We offer two types of frost protection checker, so you can perform measurements without spending too much time. That way you can protect your power sources in the future against damages caused of calcification or sudden frost with our coolant products.