General Information
General Information
We are a small innovative company in the southwest of Germany (map). Our program covers anything from a complete and compact plasma cutting devices for industrial applications to a complete set of plasma welding and cutting devices produced by our company. Standardized products are plasma cutting devices up to 140A using the gases of air, oxygen and nitrogen as well as the mixed gases of Ar/H2, Ar/N2 or Ar/H2 and N2.

Larger devices can be delivered on request.

Plasma welding torches are available as hand-held micro-plasma welding torches starting from 1 to 50A, which can be used for dental technics as well as microtechnics. The strongest plasma welding torch is a 350A version for continuous operation and mechanized applications.

Plasma cutting torches are also available as hand-held torches for an amperage between 50A and 200A, which can be used in garages or with switchgear manufacturers. Depending on the material, these torches cut metal sheets of 60mm thickness without any problem. Here as well we offer a great choice of machine cutting torches for applications between 50A and 600A at continuous operation. The variety covers the simple torch for applications in the atmoshere as well as the completely covered torch for underwater usage down to a depth of 100m, which can be used for example to dismantle nuclear power plants or offshore platforms. In the atmosphere you can cut material up to a thickness of 160mm and underwater up to 100mm.

We can deliver all plasma cutting and welding torches as well as their spare parts or wearing parts for Messer Griesheim or Messer Lincoln Torch Technologies from stock.

Each torch system is also available for different machines of different producers.

Quality Management System
As we produce high quality welding
products and services, all our production systems as well as any other producing activity in a quality management system is certified by TÜV according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Made in Germany
... directly from the manufacturer.