Plasma welding torch PMW 350-S180
 Plasma welding torch PMW 350-S180 with accessories

plasma welding torch PMW350-S180

Electrode cooling:
Nozzle cooling:
Weldable material thickness:
Max. current-carrying capacity:
Duty cycle:
Plasma gas:
Shield gas:
  indirect water-cooled
direct water-cooled
2 up to 10 mm
350 A
100 %
Argon, Argon/Hydrogen,

  Reactor engeneering
Pipeline construction
Power plant construction
Longitudinal and circumferential seams
Pipe-flange joints
Keyhole welding with cold wire

The PMW350-S180 is preferentially used as a replacement torch for the plasma torch SP7 from SAF because of its exceptional service life of the wearing parts, because of its extensive range of accessories and because of the high availability.

View with optional extras
plasma torch PMW350-S180 with optional extras

Detailed View
plasma torch PMW350-S180 detailed view


Watercooled shieldgas nozzle made of copper for best life time.

Cooled trail gas nozzle for laminar shield gas flow.

Cold wire supply with transversal wire adjustment for easy adjustment of the wire.