Plasma welding torch PMW 350-L180
 Plasma welding torch PMW 350-L180 with standard welding nozzle

plasma welding torch PMW350-L180

Electrode cooling:
Nozzle cooling:
Weldable material thickness:
Max. current-carrying capacity:
Duty cycle:
Plasma gas:
Shield gas:
  indirect water-cooled
direct water-cooled
2 up to 10 mm
350 A
100 %
Argon, Argon/Hydrogen,

  Reactor engeneering
Pipeline construction
Power plant construction
Longitudinal and circumferential seams
Pipe-flange joints
Keyhole welding with cold wire

Plasma torch PMW 350-L180 with long nozzle
plasma torch PMW350-L180 with long nozzle

Plasma torch PMW 350-L180 with standard nozzle
plasma torch PMW350-L180 with standard nozzle


The electrode setting unit can be preset outside of the torch and can be exchanged quickly without dismantling of the welding nozzle. Because of the special designed electrode fixing unit you are able to modify the electrode distance as well as the arc characteristic during the welding process.

Different nozzle designs for most of applications.

Cold wire supply with transversal wire adjustment for easy adjustment of the wire.