Plasma welding torch PlaTo 25
 Plasma welding torch PlaTo 25 with short torch barrel

plasma welding torch PMW 20

Electrode cooling:
Nozzle cooling:
Weldable material thickness:
Max. current-carrying capacity:
Duty cycle:
Plasma gas:
Shield gas:
  indirect water-cooled
indirect water-cooled
0,05 up to 1mm
20 A
100 %
Argon, Argon/Hydrogen

  Electrical industry
Measuring instrument techniques
Sieve manufacture
Flexible metal hose manufactoring
Dental laboratory

The PlaTo25 is preferentially used as a replacement torch for the plasma torch MP 2-21 from SAF because of its exceptional service life of the wearing parts, because of its very stable arc at very low amperage and because of the high availability.

Flexible metal hose