Plasma welding torch PlaTo100-HS
 Plasma welding torch PlaTo 100-HS with ergonomic handle

plasma welding torch PlaTo100-HS

Electrode cooling:
Nozzle cooling:
Weldable material thickness:
Max. current-carrying capacity
with Electrode on - polarity:
with Electrode on + polarity:

Duty cycle:
Plasma gas:
Shield gas:
  indirect water-cooled
indirect water-cooled
0.05 up to 4mm

100 %
Argon, Argon/Hydrogen

  Electrical industry
Aerospace industry
Reactor engineering
Measuring instrument techniques
Sieve manufacture
Blade and impeller weld repair

Due to its versatility and high availability the PlaTo100-HS is preferentially used as a replacement torch for the plasma torches MP 2-12, MP 5-13, PHB 50 and similar.

Metal hose


Extremely compact and high performance plasma welding torch. Because of the wide-ranging accessories this plasma torch is suitable for all standard applications as well as for the most of specialized applications. There are more than 100 different plasma nozzles, even with various exit angles for the plasma jet, to solve the most complex welding applications.

Widest range of accessories for plasma welding torches
Plasma torch accessories

Owing to the special water cooling the lifetime of the torch and its consumables is extremely high. Special nozzles for TIG-welding with pilot arc are available.

Nozzles for plasma torch PlaTo100
more than 200 different nozzles available